Sejarah Pancasila Dalam Bentuk Bahasa Inggris

. - Memperingati hari nya pancasila yang terhitung pada tanggal 1 juni. setiap warga negara Indonesia pasti memperingati akan hari tersebut. karena pada umumnya pancasila merupakan ideologi dasar negara Indonesia. maka dari itu anda harus mengetahui tentang sejarah dari pada Pancasila tersebut. berikut dibawah ini merupakan sejarah pancasila dalam bentuk bahasa inggris.


  • October 1st was the day of the survival of the nation of Indonesia from the plagues of the 30 September movement (G. S. 30). The survival of the nation of Indonesia thanks to the effort and human effort and the help of God Almighty.
  • On September 30, it has been the case of the abduction and murder of the son of the best generals of the nation of Indonesia. Those who are victimized are: Lieutenant General a. Yani, major General r. Suprapto, Maj. Gen. Haryono, major General s. parman Di Panjaitan, Brig, Brig Sutoyo, first lieutenant Pire Andreas Tendean, a police Brigadier and Karel Susult Tubun Street. While General Abdul Haris Nasution managed to escape from the siege of g. 30. S PKI, although her feet hit the shooting range and her daughter Ade Irma Syriac became a victim of and a few days later died.
  • On that date the insurgents managed to master the two means of communication namely Telecommunication Center and Center RRI respectively on the Road West of Independence and in the Independent South. Through the early morning hours of RRI at 07 and 08:15 clock. the rebels announced the formation of the “Council of the revolution“ in the Centre and in the regions. The Council of the revolution was the source of all power in the Republic of Indonesia. Also diumum, the motion addressed to the “generals” of the General Council members will hold a coup against the Government.
  • At the same time announced revised Dwikora Cabinet pendemisioniran. 14.00 announced again that the Council of the revolution headed by Lieutenant Colonel Untung with its representatives Brig Supardjo,Lieutenant Colonel (air) Heru, (sea) Sunardi Commissioner of police and Arjun Anwas.
  • Deputy II DOWNLOAD/PANGAD MAJ. GEN. TNI Suprato, Deputies IIIDOWNLOAD/PANGAD Maj. Gen. TNI MT Haryono, ASS 1 DOWNLOAD/PANGAD Maj. Gen. TNI Suparman, ASS III DOWNLOAD/PANGADMgtni in IRKEH Pandjaitan, OJEN Sutoyo Siswomiharjo Ltg TNI AD, which he later got his degree as a hero of the revolution. The PKI effort to kidnap and kill MEN THEN-INDONESIAN General Abdul Haris Nasution, experienced a failure, but he First Aide Czi Piere Tendean and his daughter was 5 years old Ade Irma Syriac Nasution had become victims of mob outrage fall G 30-S/PKI. In this event the Ade Irma Syriac has fall as His shield. The leaders of the ARMY and the AIR FORCE Adjutant General Nasution, INDONESIAN ARMED FORCES successfully kidnapped and murdered by hordes of G 30 S/PKI, thenruthlessly dumped/buried in one place, which is in the old wells in the area Crocodile Hole Pondok Gede.
  • After the action of PKI with G 30 S/PKI, then his State in the entire country became chaotic. People are in a State of confusion, since it is not known where the leadership of the Country is located. Similarly nasih TNI AD leaders who diculikpun it is not known how the fate and houses anyway.
  • Efforts to search for the leadership of the TNI AD that has been kidnapped by the mob of 30-S/PKI G conducted by all TNI/ABRI Unity and finally be able to note that the leadership of the TNI AD have been killed indiscriminately and his remains were placed into the well in the area of Pondok Gede, who was known by the name Alligator Holes.
  • From the actions of PKI with G 30 S, the outline can be expressed:
  • 1. That the g30s PKI in order is the Act of trying to seize power in the Republic of Indonesia with memperalat his physical strength as the ABRI of persons, for it was then that the 30 September movement had been prepared much earlier and never apart from the purpose of the Communist PARTY to form a Government.
  • 2. That the goal remained the Communist Communist Countries are seizing State power and mengkomuniskannya.
  • 3. the Efforts undertaken in the long run from generation to generation are continued.
  • 4. next that the activities undertaken are never apart from the series of activities of international communis.
  • But it was clear that Pancasila was the only perfect ideology Pancasila which is of its nature is not Universal memojok on a group or individual.
  • And now any time after sixty-seven years of travelling the nation of Indonesia, Pancasila has a lot of experience a touchstone and the dynamics of the political system, starting with the old order era of parliamentary democracy, the new order era with the guided democracy to Reform current Order with multiparty democracy. But the Indonesian Archipelago on Earth still exist, but now we see adults, Pancasila only made display ditiap work spaces without any penghayatan and practice meaning of Pancasila.
Captured in 20 minutes
  • Based on historical fact, the Commander of the Army Strategic Command (Kostrad) Maj. Gen. Suharto immediately acted quickly. After receiving a full report from Commander Umar Wirahadikusumah Meyjen Jaya because the army leadership was paralyzed because of the kidnapping–murder of kidnapping and then for awhile the helm of the army held by major General Suharto.
  • Military operations began in the afternoon of October 1, 1965, RPKAD troops under the leadership of its commander Colonel Sarwo Edhie Wibowo received orders to seize the RRI and Telecommunications Centre. In just 20 minutes of the second means of telecommunications have been retaken from rebel hands G. 30. S/PKI. Through the leadership of the Army announced in the ESSAY the existence of kidnapping 17 people of high officers and usurpation by g. s. 30.
  • Troops Battalion 454/The Diponegoro Division and Battalion 530/The Division/Brawijaya residing in Merdeka square standing in the party rebellion. Both these forces come to Jakarta in ABRI‘s birthday October 5, 1965. 454
  • Maligned and killed
  • When held the ceremony of the Chair 7 corpse Revolution Hero victim of inhumanity action counter-revolution g. 30. S/PKI to the place istirahatnya, Coordinating Minister for Defense and security Kasab General Nasution said, “today’s date October 5, the day of the armed forces but this time it was insulted by fitnahan, betrayal, persecution,and murder. We all were vilified, and ye all killed. If fitnahan is true we all willing follow jejakmu “.
  • It is said later in a time of 20 full years, you have been giving the dharma bhaktimu to high ideals. Even desecrated vilified as a traitor, but we know you have been fighting over the right way, we never hesitate. We will all continue the struggle. So the message spoken Nasution in full cry and the tone of the day.
  • Arrest PKI Sympathizers
  • In the months after this event, all the members and supporters of the INDONESIAN COMMUNIST PARTY, or those who are considered to be members and sympathizers of the PKI, all the known working class party and hundreds of thousands of workers and farmers Indonesia others killed or put into detention camps to be tortured and interrogated. These killings took place in Central Java, East Java and Bali. How many people are slaughtered is not known exactly-a conservative estimate mention 500,000 people, while other 2 million people. But at least one million people are thought to be the victims of catastrophe in the six months that followed the coup.
  • Instigated and assisted by the army, the youth groups from organizations of Muslims right wing performs mass killings, mainly in Central Java and East Java. There are reports that the Brantas River near Surabaya became full of corpses arrived at certain places the River was “unstoppable undead“.
  • At the end of 1965, between 500,000 and one million members and supporters-supporters of the PARTY have become the victims of killings and tens of thousands were imprisoned in concentration camps, without any resistance at all. During a military squad–squad supported funding the CIA began arresting all the members and supporters of the PKI were sung and do heinous massacres against them, “Time” magazine spread:
  • “The killings were done in scale such that the disposal of dead bodies cause a serious sanitation issue in Northern Sumatra, where humid air carrying the smell of rotting corpses. The people from these areas telling us of the small rivers that are really unstoppable by corpses. River transport is being hampered seriously. “
  • On the island of Bali, which before it was considered a stronghold of the PKI, at least 35,000 people victimized in the beginning of 1966. There the Tamin, elite commandos of the national party of Indonesia, are the perpetrators of these killings. Special correspondent of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper told of corpses on the roadside or discarded into the minerals–minerals and about half thevillages burned where the farmers do not dare leave their homes framework-a framework that‘s been scorched.
  • In other areas, the defendant was compelled to kill their friends to prove their loyalty. In the major cities of Manhunt–hunting racialist “anti-Chinese“. The workers and Government officials held a strike action in protest over the events contra-revolutionary is fired
  • At least 250.000 people and farmers workers imprisoned in concentration camps. Approximately 110.000 people are still imprisoned as a political prisoner at the end of 1969. Execution–the execution is still done until now, including several dozen since the 1980s. The four prisoners, Johannes Hadiwiyino, Surono Safar Col Simon Petrus Sulaeman and That Latief, executed almost 25 years since the coup.

Itulah sejarah pancasila dalam bentuk bahasa inggris yang bisa admin bagikan kepada sobat , semoga bermanfaat untuk sobat yang membacanya dan bisa menjadi panutan untuk anda. Terima kasih 

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